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Video/Film Production & Post-Production


Proper attention to the Production phase of any project is crucial. If you donʼt get the
shot - you can't cut the show. We sweat the details to make sure our shoots go
smoothly and produce results that exceed client expectations - technically and
creatively. We shoot in a wide range of HD and SD video formats and can help you
choose the one best suited for your production needs.


Post-Production is a suite of creative art forms. The pace and structure of the edit - the
vocabulary of graphics, effects, color and sound - each play an essential role in the
successful expression of content. We view each production as an opportunity to give
voice to a unique and important story - your story. We strive to match the tone,
treatment and scale of each production to its storytelling goals.

Let our HD and SD editing, motion graphics, color grading and audio sweetening tools
and skills put the right finishing touch to your project.

Custom aspect ratios and formats are a specialty. Projects can be delivered in a
plethora of digital file formats or as authored DVDs.